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W-Festival 16 - 19 August 2018 in Belgium.

With : A Flock Of Seagulls
ABC, Kim Wilde, Paul Young
Bauhaus, A Split-Second
Midge Ure, Parade Ground
Suicide Commando, DAF
Front Line Assembly
Covenant, Animotion
Project Pitchfork, Limahl
Die Krupps, Heaven 17
Men Without Hats
Marc Almond and more.

Line-Up of the W-Festival :
16th August ] [ 17th August ]
18th August ] [ 19th August ]



Julbo Sherpa Sonnebrille02




(N.D.W., Minimal, Flexi Pop)


(Italo Disco)



RADIO BODY MUSIC SHOW : Dreiklangsdimensionen (Neue Deutsche Welle, Minimal, Flexi Pop)


Radio Body Music show


Monday / Montag : 22:00 - 00:00 Uhr II 10 pm - 12 pm

Tuesday / Dienstag : 18:00 - 20:00 Uhr II 6 pm - 8 pm

Friday / Freitag : 5:00 - 6:00 Uhr II 5 am - 6 am

Saturday / Samstag : 18:00 - 20:00 Uhr II 6 pm - 8 pm

Sunday / Sonntag : 10:00 - 12:00 Uhr II 10 am - 12 am


Neue Deutsche Welle ("New German Wave") is a genre of West German rock music originally derived from post-punk and new wave music with electronic influences. The term "Neue Deutsche Welle" was first used in a record shop advertisement by Burkhardt Seiler in the West German magazine Sounds in August 1979, and then coined by journalist Alfred Hilsberg whose article about the movement titled "Neue Deutsche Welle — Aus grauer Städte Mauern" ("New German Wave — From Grey Cities' Walls") was published in Sounds in October 1979.

The history of the Neue Deutsche Welle consists of two major parts. From its beginnings to 1981, the Neue Deutsche Welle was mostly an underground movement with roots in British punk and new wave music; it quickly developed into an original and distinct style, influenced in no small part by the different sound and rhythm of the German language which many of the bands had adapted from early on. Whilst some of the lyrics of artists like Nena and Ideal epitomized the Zeitgeist of urban West Germany during the Cold War, others used the language in a surreal way, merely playing with the sound or graphic quality of the language rather than using it to express meaning, as done by bands and artists like Spliff, Joachim Witt, and Trio.

The main centers of the NDW movement during these years were West Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover, and Hagen as well as, to a lesser extent, the Frankfurt Rhein-Main Region, Limburg an der Lahn, and Vienna (Austria).

From about 1980 on, the music industry began noticing the Neue Deutsche Welle; however, due to the idiosyncratic nature of the music, the focus shifted to creating new bands more compatible with the mainstream, rather than promoting existing bands. Many one-hit wonders and short-lived bands appeared and were forgotten again in rapid succession, and the overly broad application of the "NDW" label to these bands as well as to almost any German musicians not using English lyrics, even if their music was apparently not influenced at all by the 'original' NDW (including pure rock bands like BAP or even Udo Lindenberg) quickly led to the decay of the entire genre when many of the original musicians turned their backs in frustration.

Around 1983/1984, the era of the Neue Deutsche Welle came to an early end, following the oversaturation of the market with what was perceived as stereotypical, manufactured hits.

Bands you can listen at the Radio Body Music show “Dreiklangsdimensionen”:

Underground : Abwärts, Andi Arroganti, Andreas Dorau, Andy Giorbino, Carambolage, Daälbers, D.A.F (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft), DIN A Testbild, Duotronic Synterror, Einstürzende Neubauten, Familie Hesselbach, Fehlfarben, Foyer des Arts, Front, FSK (Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle), Geile Tiere, Geier Sturzflug, Geisterfahrer, Große Freiheit, Grauzone, Hans-A-Plast, Holger Hiller, Ja Ja Ja, KeinMenscH!, Der KFC, Die Klopferbande, Kosmonautentraum, Kowalski, Die Krupps, Liaisons Dangereuses, Malaria!, Male, Mania D, Mittagspause, Mr. Animus und die Decider, Der Moderne Man, Mythen in Tüten, Neonbabies, Östro 430, Palais Schaumburg, Der Plan, Pyrolator, Die Radierer, Rheingold, Saal 2, Stahlnetz, Stratis, S.Y.P.H., Sprung aus den Wolken, Die Tödliche Doris, Tommi Stumpff, Trümmerfrauen, Die Unbekannten, The Wirtschaftswunder, X-Mal Deutschland, Die Zimmermänner and more.

Mainstream : Angela Werner, Bärchen und die Milchbubis, Boys in Trouble, Combo Colossale, D.E.F., DÖF, Extrabreit, Falco, Felix De Luxe, Fräulein Menke, Gänsehaut, Ideal, Insisters, Ixi, Geier Sturzflug, Hubert Kah, Jawoll, Joachim Witt, KIZ, Klaus Nomi, Kraftwerk, Markus, Münchener Freiheit, Nena, Nichts, Nina Hagen, Paso Doble, Peter Schilling, Spider Murphy Gang, Spliff, Steinwolke, Trio, UKW, United Balls and more.



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